l’Aigle d’Or "A La Carte" suggestions and menus, Gourmet Restaurant near Torcy

Classic and Delicacy dishes in the heart of Seine-et-Marne

Born and raised in Marne-la-Vallée, Kévin Giliams composes his recipes like culinary poems that engage and awaken all olfactory senses.

Instead of overwhelming flavors, Kevin prefers refined and minimalistic balance that showcase the quality of each ingredient and represent the typicity of the terroir it comes from.

Occasionally, Kevin also likes to revisit and add his own touch to tradional recipes such as "Royal Hare", "Suckling Pig", "Roasted Brittany Lobster", or "St. Peter Fish with Sorrel".    

Located in Marne-la-Vallée, the farm-to-table Cuisine is adapted to its ingredients seasonality.

Located in the heart of Seine-et-Marne near disneyland Paris, Kévin Giliams demonstrates on a dayly basis his focus on seasonal products: white asparagus, lobster from Brittany, farmhouse snails from Burgundy or even Melanosporum truffle from Périgord.

Kévin Giliams has carefully selected a handful of small French producers and artisans, to offer you only the best products. The meats are sourced from prestigious artisanal butchers in business for the past several generations while fish and shellfish are purchased from the freshest selection at les Halles. Kevin also grows a small vegetable garden which provides tomatoes and all sorts of aromatic herbs.

We urge you to keep coming back and experience the variety of Menus adapted to each Season.

Daily, Kévin Giliams adapts his menu according to the latest availabilities: all produce, fish and meats are of the utmost freshness.

The chef offers you to choose from six starters, six main courses, and six desserts. Not only between juicy savory meats and delightful seafood dishes, but also from some vegetarian compositions. L'Aigle d'Or's menu constantly keeps on evolving so you can keep coming back to discover new dishes everytime.

Wine & Spirits

Chef Kevin is selecting directly from trusted producers and winegrowers, such as Maison Bocard in Burgundy. Thus, he invites you to taste revered Domestic references as well as some international gems and older vintages.

L’Aigle d´Or also offers a fine collection of spirits such as rare Cognacs and "eaux-de-vie" presented in an elegant marble bar and cozy lounge.