L'Aigle d'Or, Gastronomy Restaurant in Croissy-Beaubourg

L’Aigle d’Or, an legendary Cuisine in Croissy-Beaubourg

Only 15 minutes from Paris, L'Aigle d'Or invites you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of a peaceful and serene environment away from the crowd and the traffic jams.

Since 1788, this former coaching Inn has become an institution delighting both gourmets and gourmands. Over these past two centuries, several Innkeeper families have contributed to elevating the level of Gastronomy with each their own personal touches and expertise.

A Family Affair

Over time and as part of a true family affair, the Giliams gradually transform the inn into a Gourmet restaurant. They convert the barn into a cozy dining room, and remodel the courtyard into a lovely shaded outdoor patio where clients can enjoy peace and relaxation.

In 1980, Hervé and Jean-Louis Giliams, René & Mémé Gim's sons, take over the family restaurant in Croissy-Beaubourg. Together, the brotherly duo develops a plan to utilize and maximize the various rooms of the Inn by organizing seminars, weddings, birthdays, baptisms and other special events.

In 2013, Hervé's son Kévin joins his father in the kitchen and starts learning the trade of Chef de Cuisine.

Authenticity & Elegance

Kévin Giliams, the new Generation

It is around 2018...that Hervé Giliams determins that time has come to "hand over the baton" to his son Kevin Giliams.

Kevin's passion for sport drives him to join the CREPS Pôle espoir Baseball of Talence near Bordeaux. It is there that Kevin learns the core values of Respect, Discipline, and Hard-work that will forever forge his character and sense of responsibility.

He then signs up for an MBA Business INSEEC school in Paris. After graduating from INSEEC two years later, he is offered a position at the Phoenix Hotel Management Company in the Alpes-Maritimes at "Relais & Châteaux de la Chèvre d´Or"as Assistant to Mr. Naidu-General Manager and member of Les Grandes Tables du Monde. His intrigue for Haute Cuisine keeps on growing, and so he gladly accept a spot in Fabrice Vulin's kitchen (two Michelin stars). It's a revelation for Kévin who learns the intricacy of Haute Cuisine! Strong of these two years of experience as Cook Assistant, Kevin decides in 2018 to apply his passion at the family restaurant. Thus, it is that year he succeeds his dad Hervé at L'Aigle d'Or.


In Croissy Beaubourg, a Contemporary Gastronomy restaurant 

Thoroughly renovated in 2020, the restaurant welcomes you in an elegant and refined decor which perfectly combines history and modernity. With its wooden balcony and old armoirs, original features entertwine perfectly with the recently restored dining room. Dispersed across L'Aigle d'Or, sculptures and paintings by artist Alain Gerez add a unique and contemporary touch to the place.

In the "salon Rose", Kévin Giliams adds some unique lighting effects with Onyx wall fixtures. Meanwhile in the main Dining room, tradition and warmth are enhanced with by Louis Vuitton store drapes style.

Feel at home at L’Aigle d’Or

A haven of peace in close proximity to the Parisien capital

In Croissy-Beaubourg, l'Aigle d´Or fine dining restaurant welcomes you in lush greenery on the outskirts of Paris.

The shaded outdoor patio is the perfect place to relax and cast away stress and city noises while listenning to the peaceful stream of its natural water fountain.

Away from scrutiny, l'Aigle d'Or offers a warm and refined atmosphere, ideal for business lunches during the week, intimmate diners at night, and joyful family gatherings during the weekend.